Broadcast Streams being migrated today! (March 10, 2017)
Date: Friday, March 10 @ 12:25:49 PST
Topic: UAB Site Updates and Announcements

Hi Everyone,

As a heads up, theEpiphany has been working on a LOT behind the scenes. One of the many things he is doing is updating our broadcast streams.

Please note that today, most likely within the next hour, the broadcast streams/stations will be cut over to a new server. This may cause a momentary "blip" until you reconnect to the updated URLs.

The "Tune in Now!" Page has already been updated with the latest Broadcast links.

You can either tune in to the new broadcast links now, or wait until the old streams are turned off and tune in then :-).

Please let us know if anyone has any questions or concerns, or issues reconnecting after the cutover.

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