Not only is Santa coming soon...
Date: Tuesday, December 12 @ 14:16:32 PST
Topic: UAB Site Updates and Announcements


The contest starts December 14th, 2017. And in case you don’t remember how to enter, it’s easy. If you’ve participated in the site (donations, posts, contributions, etc), YOU’RE ENTERED! Yup, it’s that easy. You’ll just sit back and see if you’re picked as a winner on one of the 12 days!

Now, we’re going to do this a little different this year and rather than posting the prizes and winners in the Contest Corner, we’re going to post them on our Facebook page! We don’t always get s good response of people getting back to us if they are notified as a winner, so we’ll see if having it on Facebook will yield a better response from everyone!

So in just a little while, we’ll be giving away a little Christmas fun, so stay tuned.

And from all of us here at UAB, THANK YOU and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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