THANK YOU to those who donated in April!
Date: Tuesday, May 01 @ 13:46:19 PDT
Topic: UAB Site Updates and Announcements

UAB is a community and we cannot give a big enough THANK YOU to the generous members who were able to donate in the month of April. Those amazing people were:

brendafitz74, ocmsma, llamalover, jklok, shicnkus98, JTToad, and InnerseekerOrlando.

And we’d also like to congratulate llamalover for being this month’s winner of Diamond Status for the ENTIRE MONTH! Have fun with those nearly limitless requests!

Your generous donations go to things like our monthly server bill and licensing fees.

The admins keep the site functional but it is our AWESOME Member Community that keeps this site running. For that, we THANK YOU!

The UAB Admin Team

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